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A scary start to the new month

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Hello everyone. We have officially made it into a new month and already we have so much to be thankful for. Our family experienced a rather scary start to December that reminds us just how wonderful and amazing God is when one of our littles had a medical episode in church.. Thankfully, all is well.

Our December started quite unexpectedly. On December 1st, our family attended the funeral of one of the associate ministers of our church. He was such a selfless and loving individual who loved/loves God and his family immensely. While attending the funeral, our youngest son (the 2 yo) was taking a nap on his father when he suddenly began convulsing and became unresponsive.

I was out in the lobby with our youngest daughter at the time when S. came tearing through the doors with a limp toddler in his arms. It was horrible. There were moments when he absolutely was not drawing breaths and his eyes were gone. Still, GOD is STILL faithful. The worst possible situation happened in the best possible location. Immediately our son was surrounded by medical professionals and law enforcement officers who were in attendance. They took over and got our son to start responding and crying. The ambulance was called and we were rushed to the hospital to make sure J was okay.

One of the things that was most striking was the son and brother of the person we’d come to honor and whose life we came to honor were some of the first to respond to our son’s situation. Imagine grieving a loved one’s physical passing and then stopping to assist in life. That will never be forgotten nor the efforts of others whom we consider friends.

The Culprit

Our son was ultimately diagnosed with a febrile seizure. He’d not had a fever nor showed any sickness beyond a slight runny nose two days before. As CDC protocols required temp checks when we came in, he was at 98 degrees. He’d been running around laughing and giggling that morning. He’s had a hearty appetite and didn’t display any symptoms of what was to come. In the two hours that we were in the building, his temperature went from 98 to 101. In the fifteen minutes it took us to get to the hospital, it had risen to 103. His poor little body, which has eczema, broke into a strong flare that scabbed completely over his legs. It remains today–evidence of his body’s reaction to all that was going on inside him.

We do not know what the virus is, though his doctor suspects it was roseola despite his never producing a rash. He tested negative for COVID, ear infection, flu, pneumonia, and RSV. His fever continued to come and go with the medicine timelines. His face actually became swollen and distorted and he had mild spasms the following day. Today, he is normal minus the scary-looking scabs on his legs and ankles. He is eating, laughing, and dancing. He wanted additional cuddles last week, and some this morning. I was more than happy to oblige.


While febrile seizures are relatively harmless, I am definitely praying that I never see any of my children like that again. This is my first child who has experienced this. The doctor who examined him said it will probably happen again until he outgrows them. I’ve already rebuked that. God has been amazing and I know that He has us covered.

I wanted to include information on febrile seizures for you. I was familiar with them, even had received training on them, but all of that went out the window in an instant. This sharing is in the event you ever have to deal with one and so you know what to do. Click on the hyperlink The Mayo Clinic for all the information you could need.

I also want to write how absolute amazing God is. Again, we were in attendance at a funeral. While we were celebrating a life well-lived, the physical body was gone and heavy hearts (though rejoicing in his eternity) were present. God allow LIFE and allowed it to be witnessed by those very persons who mourned. He reminded everyone that He is STILL the God of the living–temportal and eternal. I’ll never be able to thank Him enough.

The Follow-up

Our son had his follow-up with his pediatrician. He is pretty much back to normal and full of the zest for life that usually follows him. As earlier mentioned, since J tested negative for all of the given tests, his doctor believes the seizure trigger was likely roseola. I don’t recall any illnesses that bought on rashes or other symptoms beyond his runny nose, but based on the information discussed with his doctor, it is highly likely to be the culprit. Either way, we never want to experience anything like this again no matter how “harmless” or “just a febrile” it is. The one concern was there was the moment where he absolutely was NOT breathing and that is atypical. Still, he looks perfectly healthy and happy today.

I won’t share the one picture I have of him on that day. I will share this one of my son smiling and hapy again because this picture proves that God is STILL in the saving business.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

So, now that the little one is almost back to normal, with a couple of prescriptions to combat the severa eczema flare that came after the seizure, I’ll be back to sharing per usual. Let me know if there is anything you would like to see in the upcoming year and I’ll see if I can accomodate.

Have a very blessed Monday!

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