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Debuting our 2021 Family Christmas Card

Happy Christmas Card Day!

I didn’t even know this was a thing until yesterday, but apparently it absolutely exists. Today is Christmas Card Day. The day when most people send out their Christmas cards for on time arrival to all their Christmas locations before the actual day. We were very blessed to have some nice photos done this year when our realtor contacted her clients and arranged for a Christmas gift. She booked photo sessions for the family. That was awesome.

A beautiful day for photos

I have to tell you. The weather could not have been more perfect for the day of photos. The sun was shining brightly. It was a picturesque scene, and the children were happy. Well, most of them were. Shirley-Ann was a bit cranky, but it made for adorable pictures that will absolutely be visiting our family and friends’ mailboxes this year.

So Grateful

I was looking at these pictures and was caught up in how great God is and how much He has blessed us. I remember when there were three people in our Christmas picture and how we were hoping that God would bless us with more. Now, we are a family of seven and I am so thankful for this journey.

Some of my favorite Christmas cards including our very first as a family.

The 2021 Christmas Card

I think I went back and forth quite a few times before I settled on the one we are planning to send out. It was simple and really made me smile. It also expresses the way our family views this year and all years–even in the craziness of the world–ALL Glory Belongs to GOD. I hope this card puts a smile on your face.


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