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My 2021 Yearly Review

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“Hold my beer”

2021 after the world said nothing could be as crazy as 2020

Let me tell you something. If you thought 2020 was something, 2021 basically asked us to “hold my beer” and declared herself to be bigger and badder than anything we previously planned. Oh, she was a nasty little something. We all lost friends and family during the 2021 season. As in 2020, there were several weeks in a row where our family lost friends, family, and/or loves ones who weren’t quite 30, or if they were, hadn’t yet begun to reach their full potential. It was heartbreaking. Then, there was the huge disappointment of waking up on January 6, 2021 to see Capitol Hill under attack by our country’s own citizens. It didn’t matter what side you were politically, the sight of man scaling walls and persons being shot and killed filled you with disappointment. This was not, and is not, what our country is. Still, 2021 wasn’t all bad. Here’s my 2021 yearly review.

The Highlights

I don’t want anything to think that 2021 was all grey and dreary–far from it. There were some pretty great memories this year and I have the graphic to prove it.

  • January 2021: PlayTime! We took advantage of warmer temps and sunny days to let the kids get outside and PLAY! They absolutely enjoyed being outside whenever they could. We received one fairly good snow in the month and that was all the kids needed for snowball fights and winter fun.
  • February 2021: Birthday Mania! You all already know that S. and Honeybee have birthdays that are right on top of each other. Because we were still pretty well locked into quarantine mode, I decided to do something different to celebrate my loves. I ordered two Card My Yard signs to make their day amazing. The photo shoot that followed Honeybee’s sign was everything!
  • March 2021: New Life, New Me! Ya’ll, I embraced new hair colors and looks and rocked the heck out of it! Let me tell you something. This mother of 5 felt amazing!
  • April 2021: Nine Whole Years! S. and I celebrated nine years of marriage in April 2021. We had a wonderful evening at one of the local restaurants, a rarity in pandemic times as things were beginning to reopen, and enjoyed each other’s company.
  • May 2021: The Hassle Was Worth The Tassle! In my 2020 review, I mentioned here that I was hoping to graduate from Liberty University in May 2021 with a Masters of Science in Social Media Management. Oh, we did that! I was so grateful for that event and even moreso that I got to share the experience with so many other people in my circles.
  • June 2021: Juneteenth. There were so many great things that happened in June. Our children’s last day of school, Father’s Day, even a 5K were all great contenders. But the one that put it over the top for me was the recognizing of Juneteenth as a federal holiday. I get it. Not a lot of people were excited about it, but when I tell you that knowing the history of this day and the fact that there were minimum discussions on the fact, this day was epic.
  • July 2021: Our New Home. Did you know we moved?! Yes, in July 2021, our family moved to a brand new location in a different county, a different district, and different community. It has been a great journey. We were blessed to build a new home where our children can grow and enjoy life. What a blessing it has been.
  • August 2021: The Photo. A great photographer friend (seriously, she’s both great photog and friend) asked if I would assist her by sitting for a photo session while she did some shots and tested new artists for her client glam squad. I readily agreed and the results were awe-inspiring. She even won an award for the submittal! Not shabby at all!!! Check her out here because the girl has a serious eye for art!
  • September 2021: It’s Back! And just that quick, fantasy football returned! Our Annual Football party turned into something amazing when we hosted it in our new neighborhood for the first time. A video game truck, the moon bounces, the food, and of course…the FOOTBALL TROPHY! It was such a joy to have the event again with everyone who was able to come out. We felt very close to normal and I am loving it!
  • October 2021: His First Homecoming Dance. I’m quite sure that my son will be mortified that I included him in this list in this way, but how could I not. It was like watching my son grow up right before my eyes. Amid cancellations of homecoming festivities in districts across the country, our son’s district made the decision to hold the event outside with a limit amount of tickets but a wonderfully decored event. Bug asked a friend of his from his previous high school to attend. She accepted and I was told they had an amazing time.
  • November 2021: Thanksgiving. I absolutely had to list this one as the highlight of November since it was such an amazing time. Our family purchased a new vehicle because driving two cars to every event because you can’t fit your family of 7 in one car was getting old. We then christened that vehicle on a ride to Georgia where we celebrated Thanksgiving with most of my husband’s siblings, their spouses, the cousins, the aunts, the in loves, and so many more. It was such a perfect weekend for a family that loves seeing each other.
  • December 2021: Annual Indoor Camping Event. I love this event. It’s one of my favorites. We usually make homemade pizzas with mozzarella cheesy bread. We bake chocolate chip cookies. Then we make “Reindeer Snack Mix” which is the best mix of popcorn, pretzels, colored M&Ms, and Bugles. We even have the regular non-sweet version for those who aren’t huge fans of the sweetness. We have hot chocolate for everyone in these cute little tumblers or sippy cups for the littles. Pillows and blankets come together along with Bean bag chairs and we have the best time ever.

So, how’d I really do with those goals?

So, you guys know I’m not big on resolutions, right? Good. Still, I do like the idea of listing goals to motivate myself to do better. Admittedly, I do have a mean distraction streak (adult ADHD and anxiety SUCK), but if I can see it daily–I can do okay. So…did I do okay? Not exactly.

In January 2021, I posted here that 2021 was going to afford some awesome opportunities in five categories–Personal, Business, Spiritual, Marriage, and Family.

Personal Goals

Welp! I said I was going to have a more consistent routine both morning and night, arrive at work early by 15 minutes, have a monthly lunch or dinner with friends, and try something new every day. My routines are sadly NOT consistent in the manner in which I desired. It’s kind of a time block thing now. The little kids are in bed by 8:30 and there should be no sounds coming from your room by 9PM unless something is wrong. The exception is Bug, who chills quietly until 10ish. The morning starts around 5:20 when I pray with Bug before he gets on the bus. I then get some additional rest before I have to wake Honeybee for the bus and get the kids moving in some kind of cohesiveness. For the most part, it comes together, however not at all like I desired it to. So, I’ll be working harder in the upcoming year.


This year, I made some nice forward movements in my business. However, I didn’t do the numerical values that I sought. That being said, I know my shortfalls and have adjusted my attack. We’ll crush it this year. That said, you guys showed some definite love to the blog this year.

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Wow. God has shown up in a major way in 2021. I can’t properly articulate how God has moved in my life and the lives of my loved ones. We have seen Him perform miracles. We have felt His love and comfort in the worst of times. So, I have been pleased to say that I have been closer to Jesus, but still have SO far to go. I have been focusing more on His will and it has been amazing to see how God has shown up and out. This has nothing to do with the material, though He has been wonderful there as well. No, this is an urgent reaching, a manifestation of God’s purpose for my life. I pray that 2022 will get me closer to what God wants for me.


Whew! I love my husband! This year has been an interesting year with things closing, then opening, then reclosing. But S. and I have been blessed to still love one another intently. I still feel my heart flip when he walks in the room out that shower. It flips even more when he is playing with our children or having one on one conversations with our eldest son. Man, I love that man.

While we didn’t complete monthly date nights, we have been more intentional about spending time together. One of our purposed things to do is lie on the couch after the children have gone to bed and watch a series together. He isn’t really a fan of the genre but he is watching with me still, and I appreciate that so much. (I kind of think he’s getting into it because he turns in on before I do, lol). We have absolutely made some plans for the future and have some things we’re pretty excited about in 2022.

Marriage is work, but it is SUCH a good work.

2021 Reading Insights

So, admittedly, this was the year of the sci-fi read for me…again. I indulged in series about viruses that mutated and infected people making them into zombies and whatever other horrors could be imagined. It was a pretty decent distraction, so I am not complaining. I did also read a few self-care and marriage books as well. Finally, I have been finding some really cool blogs out there that made me giggle. Here’s how I did on Kindle and my YouVersion app in 2021.

So there you have it! My 2021 in review. I hope you enjoyed the journey with me and I hope you continue the ride in the future.

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