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A Letter to my husband on his 40th Birthday

You don’t usually see too much on the blog site about S. He’s not a huge fan of social media and prefers phone calls to texts. He preferes face to face interaction against emails and TikTok will probably never see him. Still, he has so many amazing qualities and is such a blessing in the lives of his friends and family that I absolutely have to make today, his 40th birthday, special in terms of setting aside space on this site.

Dearest sweetness,

Today, we celebrate you because you deserve it. I see the sacrifices you make for our family, the countless hours, the sequestration in offices behind glass windows. Even when I don’t understand it, you’re still pounding it out and I am still blessed to share life with you.

I want you to know that I love you and that I appreciate all you do and have done for all whom you love.

As you turn 40 (that’s such an awesome blessing), know that I am in your corner cheering you, loving you, supporting you. I always will.

Today, I want to share five prayers for your birthday….

Happy birthday, my love

Prayer #1

I pray that God grants you the desires of your heart today.

Prayer #2

I pray that you always feel loved and appreciated by your family and I.

Prayer #3

I pray that you never stop smiling even if things get hard.

Prayer #4

I pray that you grow in wisdom as you you grow in years.

Prayer #5

I pray that we get to celebrate many, many, many more birthdays together.

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Happy birthday, my love. I love you.


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