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It’s My “All Things Valentine Food” Friday Favorites!

Hey guys! I promise I blinked and Valentine’s Day was right around the blessed corner. Right on top of SuperBowl no less! The great thing about that is my family loves a good SuperBowl game (no 27-0 mess over here) and chocolate always pairs nicely with it. So, we’ll allow it 🤣. Today, I’m linking with the beautiful ladies of A Little Bit of Everything and Momfessionals to share my all things Valentine Friday Favorites! Hope you enjoy!

Favorite Valentine’s Breakfast Ideas

I love waking up on Valentine’s Day morning and making a special breakfast for the kids. Usually, they have requests for French Toast casserole. This year, with Valentine’s Day on a Monday, right after Super Bowl no less and at the start of another work/school week, I figure I may need to do something to set the tone for the week. Here are some of my favorite V-Day breakfast ideas.

  • Paula Deen’s Baked French Toast Casserole. This is a favorite in the household and man, is it yummy. I don’t do it with the raspberry syrup but it’s just as amazing without your favorite syrup. Plus, it can be prepped overnight which is awesome for Monday prep.
  • Heart Shaped Waffles. Last year, one of the local stores had a sale on the heart shaped Waffle Irons for $7 after Valentine’s Day! I love it so much and purchased. I haven’t even tried it out yet, but this Monday may be the day.
  • Red Velvet Pancakes. I know, I know. It’s almost asking the kids to be bouncing off the walls, but it’s such a yummy and festive treat….I’m tempted!
  • Strawberry Funfetti Sprinkle Pancakes. I have decided that these are going to be Honeybee’s birthday breakfast surprise because my girl is all things sprinkled, hearts, and fun. But seriously, how cute would these be on Valentine’s Day, too?

Favorite Valentine’s Lunch Ideas for the Littles

This year, my school aged children have the option to bring lunch from home or eat the lunches prepared by the school. The younger littles are always looking for something cool to do with mom, so I am considering a few of these ideas for Monday.

  • Heart Shaped PB&J. My kids go ga-ga for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I invested in the Sandwich Shape cutters a few years ago and have used the heart shaped several times. This may be another.
  • Heart Shaped Quesadillas. First, I love this blog and this woman. I’ve been folowing her since my oldest was a little, so that tells you something. While I haven’t made this particular recipe, Smart School House is definitely a go-to for inspiration.

Favorite Valentine’s Dinner Recipes

In the early days of my marriage, I would rush home and make this extensive menu of Valentine-themed things. As children have joined our ranks and as our schedules have changed, I still bring Valentine’s Day dinner to the table. I just exercise a lot of grace. Still, these are definitely some of my favorite entrees.

  • Lump Crab Meat & Shrimp Stuffed Salmon. My husband loves seafood. This one may have to make an appearance on his birthday instead of Valentine’s Day. Sweet Heat Cooks, via Youtube, makes is look easy!
  • Seafood Stuffing. I have loved this woman and so many of her recipes. This one is definitely one to join. She’s a bit sassy, but a fun in the kitchen personality who definitely kills it.
  • Creamy Lemon Piccata. A beautiful dish when plated. Serve with rice and the sauce and your favorite bubbly. Side it with asparagus tips or a simple salad and it’s a beautiful meal.

Favorite Valentine’s Day Snacks

  • Valentine’s Day Popcorn. You all remember when I made ‘Reindeer Snack Mix‘ for Christmas with the kids? Well, I’m doing it again, but the Valentine’s Day version. I made the recipe my own when I did it and used this recipe the base. This time, I’m keeping the white chocolate and Bugles, adding pink and white Valentines M&Ms, adding some pastel sprinkles, and a few pretzels (because that salty sweet is really yummy). The kids love it.
  • White Chocolate Pretzel Bites. While this isn’t the usual recipe I use, this is an absolute fave of the littles. Perfectly portioned, bite-sized pieces of sweet and salty goodness that keeps the littles grinning. I am ALL about it.

So there you have it, my list of favorite Valentine’s Day food ideas. I hope you got a bit of inspiration. Be sure to share some of your favorites below!


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