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40 Family-Friendly Springtime Activities (2022)

When I first wrote this post in 2018, I had a one-year-old ready to ride shot gun in the stroller with her big brother and sister pulling up the rear. Now in 2022, the party of 5 has grown to a party of 7. We’re still ready to celebrate all things spring. While several of these will look familiar, there are some new ones added to the list, as well.

40 Family-Friendly Springtime Activities

  1. Visit the National Cherry Blossom festival
  2. Plant seeds now for a fall harvest. (Here’s a cheat sheet for what to plant when)
  3. Attend Opening Day of Baseball Season (a lot of areas have local teams to cheer)
  4. Take a hike at some of the National Parks.
  5. Visit the local farms to see the new spring babies.
  6. Pick strawberries! (Yes, some states have strawberry seasons that run April-June!)
  7. Celebrate National Picnic Day (Apr 23rd) with an outdoor picnic
  8. Celebrate Earth Day by participating in a river or beach cleanup
  9. Fly a kite
  10. Visit the zoo
  11. Visit the farmers market
  12. Visit a lavender farm
  13. Visit a winery (yes, there are some great family activities available at wineries that don’t involve alcohol)
  14. Spring Clean
  15. Plan Easter dinner
  16. Dye Easter Eggs
  17. Celebrate Christ’s resurrection
  18. Attend an outdoor street festival
  19. Make carrot cake
  20. Take Spring pictures
  21. Eat dinner outside
  22. Decorate the house for spring
  23. Attend a spring tea party
  24. Blow bubbles outside with the kids
  25. Go on after dinner walks
  26. Watch a sunrise
  27. Go Camping
  28. Go Fishing
  29. Play Golf
  30. Play Tennis
  31. Play Horseback Riding
  32. Attend an outdoor concert
  33. Walk along the beach
  34. Plan your summer vacation
  35. Buy some spring clothes
  36. Enjoy new spring icecream flavors
  37. Host a girls’ night
  38. Host a stag night
  39. Have a make your own pizza night
  40. Go to brunch

So there you have it! My Spring 2022 Activities list. Do you have any special Spring Activities you’re looking forward to doing? I’ve created a bucket list that may just help inspire you. Feel free to download and share.

Drop your favorite Spring Activities in the comments section!


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