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Hello April-Monthly Update

After sitting in offices blasting portable heaters on 39 degree days at the end of March, I am absolutely excited about welcoming in this lovely month. Last month pushed me to evaluate what worked professionally and what doesn’t. It also made me take some hard self-evaluative steps in mental and physical health to address where I am and where I desire to be in my life. I’m also slowing trying to conquer this massive Business To-do list that seems to keep growing with my minimum follow-through. No excuses, everyone. A sister just has to do better!

A Month of Healing

There are so many amazing things happening this month, but several are at the top of my list. First, it’s Stress Awareness Month. As I have been very transparent about my managing my stressful days and times filled with anxiety, I look forward to sharing some #momlife hacks to encourage and enpower you to get through this month.

Quote from Proud Happy Mama

This month is also Couple Appreciation Month and there is nothing more healing than an affirmation of your relationship with your partner. It just so happens that my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this month, so forgive me if I give you all the couple appreciation posts this month!

Happy Couple Appreciation Month!

Finally, this month encompasses something I am truly passionate about–National Black Maternal Health Awareness Week. I am very fortunate to have a a guest blogger this month who will discuss this week, being a nurse, and being a doula! We’re going to discuss self-advocacy and why this week is so very important! I’m so very excited to bring this young woman to you!

My April Mood

“I can do this. I’m just not that sure I want to”

This month has opened with several opportunities that I wasn’t expecting and didn’t ask for. I am grateful for them, but admittedly nervous about comfort zones. Yes, you’ve heard it before. Still, this time I’ve talked about at length with those who are outside and have no dog in the fight. My therapist (THERAPY IS SUCH A GREAT THING) reminds me that a sure battle lost is the battle not fought. So, it looks like I’ll be doing some amazing steps this month. As such, my April mood board is certainly speaking to the core of me and the verse is absolutely what I need.

Collage of pictures including black mother holding an infant, a wedding ring set, bridal shoes and bouqet, ladies enjoying brunch at the table, a woman holding a tea cup, and a picture of pink cherry blossom blooms

The journey of a thousand steps…

Must still begin with one. So, let’s start stepping together. Let’s keep each other motivated and encouraged. We can do this and I cannot wait to come back and bring you all on the journey with me!

What’s on your monthly agenda?

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