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My 42nd Birthday Bucket List

Hi lovies! Today is my 42nd birthday. I’m thrilled to see it, knowing that so many don’t receive the opportunity. After sharing this birthday post, I decided that this year’s bucket list is going to be a bit different. Most years, I write down a number of things that corresponds to the age I am turning, and then try to tackle during my birthday year. On the next birthday, if God is so generous, I check back to see how I did and do it again. Last year wasn’t so perfect coming out the pandemic, but I’m ready to try things again. This year, I’m reducing the list for quality over quantity.

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So, let’s share a few birthday bucket list items

  1. Re-establish my spiritual relationship with Christ. (I need more scripture and prayer time)
  2. Do a local “Top Things to Do” Tour in my city. There’s a lot of history here. Time to walk through it.
  3. Have an epic photo shoot.
  4. Have a Mommy-Daughter tea with the girls, complete with dress up attire.
  5. Go on a weekend trip to Charleston, SC, walk the square, and enjoy the sights.
  6. Go on a cruise with my mother.
  7. Attend a poetry slam or jazz night
  8. Reconnect with my husband via date nights
  9. Say “no” more to things that rob me of my peace
  10. More spontaneous solo visits to places that speak to me

So, that’s my list. Do you have birthday bucket lists? What’s on your list?


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