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I’m back…and I have a new baby!

Hello everyone. I went on a social media and blog hiatus for almost a full year after my mental health and physical health were running rampant with each other. It was no wonder. I was pregnant with my sixth child! I have to tell you this pregnancy was NO joke. I delivered baby at 43 and pregnancy at 43 was nowhere near as glamorous as pregnancy at 26. But we made it work!

Quick Introductions

We had a beautiful baby girl who we named Serenity Paige. She matches her name perfectly. You rarely hear her unless you are slow with the milk. She will nurse and take formula after as I have always had trouble producing. Still, she is growing by leaps and bounds and I’m very thankful that she is here!

African-American woman with braids in hair wearing a green cable-like shirt holds newborn baby girl covered with a white blanket wearing a brown lace headband and flower smiles at the camera while laying in hospital bed


You aren’t the only one surprised. We managed to keep Serenity’s birth and my pregnancy to ourselves from most of my friends and family until delivery day. We wanted to surprise everyone. The surprise was on us, however. Some of my relatives were quite upset that they didn’t know and made sure to let us know. It wasn’t intentional and after we explained that the intentions were pure and for surprise purposes, all was forgiven.

I’ll share birth stories and pregnancy highlights over the next few weeks. In the meantime, I am so glad to be back!

The Crew?

Everyone is doing well. S. has finished his Masters degree, which I will be discussing in a few posts. I am very proud of him. Bug is a HS junior and we just finished his first college tour! I can’t wait to share just a bit about that and some tips that may help you if you’re about to walk that journey. Honeybee is 9! Don’t worry. I’ll share some photos and recap a few of her adventures as she is still dancing and an amazing artist. A. is loving kindergarten and comes home every day with the latest cool things she has learned in school. J and Shirley-Ann are both thriving. We had some scary medical things with J this summer and it has resulted in us doing things slightly different with him, but all in all he is fine. His sister is a fierce little warrior who is twice her brother’s weight despite being a year younger. All kinds of fun around here!

Family portrait of African-American family dressed in black tie attire.
Left: Teenager wearing burgundy blazer and black dress pants with black dress shirt and colored bow tie. 
Beside him is an African-American mother (mom) wearing a black evening gown and diamond chandalier eaarrings holding a small infant with a gold headband and black dress with stars.
Beside her is a little African-American girl with two puffs in her hair
Beside her is an African-American man (father) with a bald head wearing eyeglasses and a white tuxedo with a black bow tie and black trim.
In front of him r to l is a little African-American boy with plaits wearing a black tuxedo with black bow tie. 
Beside him is an African-American girl about 6 six year of age with hair parted in center wearing a black sweater and a black and gold dress with a large bow.
Beside her is an African-American toddler wearing a black dress with gold quilted flower bottom.  He hair is parted in the center with gold and yellow barettes on the ponytail ends
Photo credit: King’s Highway Media Solutions

I’m looking forward to sharing quite a few shenanigans with you. Be blessed. See you soon!


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