Playing a Bit of Catch Up

Playing a Bit of Catch Up

Hi everyone.  The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity and mental aerobics.  There has been so much going on that I haven’t written or posted as I usually do, so I figured I’d play a bit of catch up to bring everyone up to speed.

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In May, our family watched as our oldest son graduated from high school.  Due to inclement weather and the ceremony’s subsequent postponement by one day, several key family members were unable to attend.  Of the original 8 persons (ticketed event) that were to attend the ceremony, only four ended up being able to attend.  This meant the planned graduation brunch and small celebration for approximately 20 persons was cancelled.  I still obtained graduation cake, cookies, and decorations for his graduation core memory, but I felt bad that the celebration I’d envisioned didn’t take. (Working on that.) 

Two days later, I learned that while our son was crossing the graduation stage, my mother was admitted to the hospital with internal GI bleeding.  Her oxygen sats, blood pressure, and level of consciousness were extremely low.  I was ready to hop on the first thing smoking to get to her, but fortunately she stabilized, and my godmother made sure that she didn’t have to do it solo.  Continual calls and video discussions assured me of the doctor’s diagnosis that she needed a LOT of rest and a few other things and would be in a much better place for this never to occur again.

Then June came in and so too did additional commitments.  The first was our oldest daughter started summer school for a math intensive.  While she passed fourth grade, we noticed that math is a subject that gives her a bit of difficulty.  An opportunity was presented that would allow her to attend a multi-week, half-day math-intensive that would ensure she wouldn’t lose the math skills she’d already acquired and that she would be able to expound upon them in the Fall.  We jumped on it and she began attending shortly after the Memorial Day holiday/

The second was the dance recital/production for our older daughters.  If you’ve followed us for any time, then you know dance tech week is a beast.  Multi-hour, multi-day practices with and without full makeup and dress rehearsals that could run much later than expected dismissal.  I would have been fine navigating that as it is our norm, but then the BIGGEST June commitment occurred—S.’s surgery.  My husband wad to have top jaw surgery which had his top jaw broken, screwed back to get, mouth wired shut, and jaw totally realigned.  This happened two days BEFORE the dance production!

I accompanied my husband to the surgery location an hour away from our home, sat with him while prepped, and then watched them wheel him away.  Thirty minutes later, I received the text notifying me that surgery had begun.  A little over two hours later and surgery was complete.  I waited an additional three hours before I was allowed to join him in his room.  He was diminished and in pain.  But he was there and okay.

He was kept overnight and the next day I navigated getting Honeybee to school, getting S. home from from the hospital and set-up to recuperate, getting the girls to dance practice, and getting the little kids in a place of understanding that daddy was okay with the help of an amazing village and our family.

I promise I am so thankful to the dance moms, my oldest son, and our extended family for all of their help because that was some serious mental maneuvering.  After surgery, with the mouth wired shut, he lost weight very rapidly.  The first nine days saw him lose 21 pounds!  Thank God he gained weight prior to surgery to take some of that.  It can be a long and mentally draining process.  Seeing my husband, who gyms daily and runs 10 miles for his regular outdoor run, managing an hour to 2.5 hours of awake time before needed to rest again due to lack of energy was something.

So now, we’re approaching July.  There are quite a few things on the calendar for that month too.  There are trips for the older girls, daycations, work commitments, preps for our youngest son and his journey to kindergarten, and so much more.  One thing is for certain, our family of 8 is going to be busy and I’m looking forward to sharing some of that with you.

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