“My Safe Space”
Hi everyone!  I’m Shakinta, but you can call me “Kinta”.  I’m a country girl from North Carolina, transplanted in the DMV  (D.C., MD, and VA) area for the past 18 years, who tries to find joy, love, and all things positive in every situation.  I’m a Christian and believe wholeheartedly that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. 

Daily, I wear the title of wife to my handsome and hard-working husband S. (also listed as Father Winter in some of my blog posts) and mommy to my five constantly moving and entertaining children –Shirley-Ann (2 months), Jeremiah (1),  A. (3), Honeybee (6), and Bug (14).  From 9-5, I’m killing comma splices and counting spaces between periods as a grammar nerd (aka tech editor and analyst). I’m also a secret Pinterest addict whose pin game is crazy LOL. 

I started this blog several years ago under the banner of Snowfall and Snowflakes when S. and I were going through the adoption process.  It became my place of release and information center for those who wanted to walk the journey with us.  Since that amazing and beautiful time, the blog (and I) evolved and have become something greater.

Today, in addition to sharing some of our day to day shenanigans, I share some of my thoughts on and occasional activities for strengthening the family, maintaining our faith walk, parenting, insights from our journeys through infertility and adoption, food (I LOVE TO EAT), and so much more.

Feel free to contact me at sofrequentlyfrazzled[at]gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.  Or just drop a line in the comments of a post.   I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by!