About Me
“My Safe Space”

Hi everyone!  I’m Kinta.  I’m a country girl from North Carolina, transplanted in the DMV  (D.C., MD, and VA) area for the past 18 years, who tries to find joy, love, and all things positive in every situation.  I’m a Christian and believe wholeheartedly that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. 

I’m a wife who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but rather enjoys the crazy chaos of the unknown. About 800,000 times a day, I answer the call of “Mom” or “Mommy” to my five beautiful, rambunctious, loud, energetic, and prayer-inducing children: Shirley-Ann ( <1 year), Jeremiah (2),  A. (3), Honeybee (7), and Bug (14).  From 9-5, I’m killing comma splices and counting spaces between periods as a grammar nerd (aka tech editor and analyst). I am also stalking the social media grids to create awesome brandworthy content for some great small business clients that I think are pretty special.

I love to eat, which is probably why some of these pants haven’t exactly been flattering this year, but I’m blessed to love me and all of my flaws, so bring on the recipes…and the help tips….sigh….(just kidding. Health is good. Mental health included).

I started this blog several years ago under the banner of Snowfall and Snowflakes when S. and I were going through the adoption process.  It became my place of release and information center for those who wanted to walk the journey with us.  Since that amazing and beautiful time, the blog (and I) evolved and have become something greater.

Why So Frequently Frazzled?

Well, because I am, LOL. A lot of the times I have a lot of balls in the air and things can get a bit “frazzled”. Fortunately, I have some great people in my life who help keep me grounded and embracing the fun chaos that is actually just children laughing and playing in a world where they grow up way too fast.

Today, in addition to sharing some of our day to day shenanigans, I share some of my thoughts on a little bit of everything family, marriage, faith, and parenting related including our journey with infertility.

Feel free to contact me at sofrequentlyfrazzled[at]gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.  Or just drop a line in the comments of a post.   I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by!