About Me
“My Safe Space”

The BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front)

Hello! Welcome to my peace in the midst of chaos.

I’m Kinta. I’m a 40+ year old wife and working mom of 6 who loves Jesus, peach tea from Celestial Seasonings, and a good Sci-fi movie/novel. This page is my sanctuary…and my pseudo diary. I share real life stories about mom life, married life, mental health, and the journey of being a family of 8. Sometimes it’s all fun and games. Sometimes…well…not so much. I hope you join me on the storytelling journey. You are welcome here!

The WHOLE story

“There’s got to be an easier way”. I remember thinking I couldn’t possibly be the only mother who had to chase a toddler down a hallway for the 50 millionth time that evening while calming a crying infant and placating a grade schooler who wanted just ‘one more’ glass of water…only to be up at crack of dawn to make sure a troop of littles made it to their various destinations on time…hopefully, with a smile on my face.

I couldn’t possibly be the only mom who wanted to gift my children with a present mom who understood that little people were actual people with feelings and thoughts of their own. I knew that teaching them to express themselves properly and in a loving manner would benefit them more than any material thing ever could. So, after some internal qualms, I adjusted, made mistakes (still do), and started writing about it.

I pulled together this site because I know that life sometimes has a way of making you think you’re failing when you absolutely are not. It has a way of making you feel like you failed because society and the television show you an overedited and exaggerated picture of what life should be. Here, there’s just me (and maybe an occasional guest) who doesn’t have it all figured out, but loves life and Jesus, and has a few hacks to share that may help make things a bit easier. I’d love if you join me.

The Chaos 🙂

I’m a pretty laid back girl who doesn’t take herself too seriously and has learned to appreciate all that life has to give–even in the chaos. About 800,000 times a day, I answer the call of “Mom” or “Mommy” to my six beautiful, rambunctious, loud, energetic, thoughtful, kind, respectful, and prayer-inducing children (referred mostly by nickname): Peace, SA, Jay (or J), Ami, Honeybee, and Bug.  Helping me wrangle it all is my handsome husband S., who loves the Chicago Bears and his privacy. My kids are currently (Jan 2024) ages 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 17. There’s all kinds of fun over here.

From 9-5, I’m killing comma splices, wrangling project schedules, and making life easier for clients as a grammar nerd and project team lead. In my freelance world, I am stalking the social media grids to create awesome brandworthy content for some great not for profits and small business clients that I think are pretty special.

Why So Frequently Frazzled?

Well..because I am, LOL. A lot of the times I have a lot of balls in the air and things can get a bit “frazzled”. Fortunately, I’ve learned a thing in forty-some odd years. In addition to the hacks, transparency, and encouragement, I share some of our day to day life and some of my thoughts on family, faith, and mental wellness.

Feel free to contact me at sofrequentlyfrazzled[at]gmail.com if you have any questions or comments.  Or just drop a line in the comments of a post.   I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by!